Vea Epil

Emollient "Functional" VEA

Vea Epil


100 ml / 3.51 FL. OZ. Can

Vitamin E nebulized with essential oils Lavender and Melaleuca


  • Delays regrowth of unwanted hair
  • Weakens and thins hair, following epilation treatment (waxing, epilators, tweezers, (IPL) intense pulsed light)
  • Reduce reddening and irritation caused by depilation
  • Soothes itching
  • Allows the skin to retain hydration

* for optimal results we recommend using VEA EPIL 2 twice a day on a regular basis for at least three months (either when shaving or between depilation treatment appointments). The effectiveness of the treatment with VEA EPIL was tested on 24 women. After 12 weeks use of twice a day, a significant decrease in the amount of hair and a significant decrease of the single hair diameter was measured. Test performed double-blind against placebo study.