Vea Detergente

VEA products for personal hygiene

Vea Detergente

pH balanced

100 ml / 3.51 FL. OZ. Bottle (VEA DETERGENTE)
250 ml / 8.79 FL. OZ. Pump Bottle (VEA DETERGENTE 250)


  • Contains one surfactant (non ionic) of exclusive vegetable origin associated with VEA Olio
  • Delicate on skin with the non irritating effect
  • Sensitive or dry tender skin
  • Daily cleansing of the newborns, infant and children in the first years of life
  • For the daily cleansing of adults and the elderly
  • Daily face wash, gentle enough even around the eye area
  • Body wash
  • Intimate hygiene wash
  • Contains no anionic detergents (soaps or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate derivatives)
  • Contains no amphoteric detergents (derivatives of betaines)
  • Contains no Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate