Vea Biopeel

VEA products for personal hygiene

Vea Biopeel

Exfoliation for the skin.
Natural peeling.

1 oval scrub per pack


  • Help stimulates circulation and leaves skin soft and glowing, provides deep and effective cleansing whilst it purifies and tones
  • 100% natural (cotton and vegetable fibre)
  • Vegetable fibre obtained from the “Luffa Aegyptiaca” (belonging to the Cucurbitaceae family) plant
  • Leaves skin soft and glowing
  • Cleansing of normal skin, dry or scaly
  • Helps prepare skin before using “anti-cellulite” creams

*Acts on skin imperfections. In the affected areas of cellulite or stretch marks: massage before applying specific creams to facilitate penetration and activity.