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Hulka is an Italian company, was founded in 1996 by Dr. Panin, a family pediatrician with the aim to develop products for people with sensitive, allergy prone and reactive skin. Our products are characterized by special hypoallergic formulas, rich in Vitamin E, dermatologically and microbiologically tested in order to ensure the highest skin tolerability.

The philosophy of our company is to create innovative cosmetic products, which are of the highest quality formulations as simple as possible, without fragrances, preservatives, colourants and tested for nickel and gluten.
For our various formulations, we use the best raw materials available on the market.

Each innovative formulation is protected by patents, for a total of 12 exclusive patents to date.
Hulka distributes its products throughout the Italian territories and has as its primary sales channel, pharmacies and parapharmacies.

Our ongoing commitment and continued growth has allowed VEA products to spread through the European market (Spain, France, Germany, Malta, Romania, Switzerland).

Hulka pays attention to its role and impact on the territory, proposing itself as a positive example for the respect of the environment and mankind. Precisely for this reason, the VEA brand is an active part in supporting humanitarian missions in third world countries. Furthermore, an efficient photovoltaic system allows to us to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by over 34,000 kg / year.


The main objective at Hulka is to be able to fulfill our customers’ needs, starting from the choice of the raw materials and packaging, to the market placement of the final product, passing through a properly managed system of controls, analysis and monitoring.
It is extremely important at Hulka to formulate products designed for all age groups, from children, adults up to the elderly that are
also applicable on sensitive, delicate, reactive and intolerant.

The experience and dedication to research are the basis for the development of all our new formulation.

The territories we cover

The VEA product lines are distributed all across Italy and are available in the pharmacy channel, parapharmacies, herbalist’s shops and at supermarket pharmacies.

In the event that a products sought is not immediately available at the point of sales, the pharmacist or the pharmacy is able to order it in and receive it, in a very short time, given that our distribution network has the same structure which is used by the pharmaceutical industry.

Vea products are distributed and available in the Italian territory, and also in the following territories:

France - Germany - Switerland - Spain - Malta - Romania

The brand name VEA was created and developed by notable experience gained over the years, relatively to the activity of Vitamin E being able to work on sensitive skin or physiologically altered skin.

Our philosophy consists of providing our customers with innovative cosmetic products and high quality formulations as simple as possible, without fragrances, colourants and tested for nickel and gluten.

The various formulations use the best raw materials on the market.

Why Nickel and Gluten tested

VEA products are designed for skin that is sensitive, allergic, or altered physiological conditions. This is the reason why our products contain a few ingredients as possible, thus minimizing the possibility of inducing allergic reactions and intolerances.

Why Nickel Tested?
ACD (allergic contact dermatitis) is one of the most common causes of dermatitis in industrialized countries, amongst these; one of the most widespread is due to nickel, a metal particularly common in jewelry, detergent, cosmetics and coins.

The word «nickel tested» means monitoring for the presence of nickel in a product. In fact there are no cosmetics, or products which are totally nickel free, but only those with a very low concentration which are not able to trigger an allergic reaction. Concentration below which, according to scientific data, do not manifest into contact allergies due to nickel – and which therefore can be considered acceptable in cosmetic products - is equal to 0,0001% also referred to as1 ppm.

With this data Hulka S.r.l. monitors its products in order to ensure that the nickel content is always less than the threshold identified. With all the checks and continuous attention paid whilst selecting our raw materials, the way they are preserved and in every stage of processing has enabled us to develop products with a medium content of nickel which is found to be 0.00001%, equal to 0.1 ppm, 10 times lower than the reported literature content limits is deemed conventionally acceptable.

Why Gluten Tested?
Celiac disease is a food intolerance which targets organs of the small intestine.

It is believed that the presence of gluten in cosmetics, detergents, or other products which may come into contact with skin or mucous membranes, as well as those of the mouth, do not carry any risk of celiac disease. It is still possible that in certain cases (young children or the elderly) or in particular products (lip balms, protective of the oral cavity etc.) improper and / or accidental ingestion of these products can occurs: for this reason all the VEA products are tested for gluten.

Particular care is taken to avoid contamination, especially throughout the production phase, thus ensuring a value much lower in gluten than the threshold limit identified in available scientific evidence, which is equal to 20 ppm. The entire VEA line guarantees contamination of 10 ppm, therefore 50% lower than the threshold limit identified.

Fragrance, colourant and preservative free

All VEA products are designed / formulated for sensitive, allergic, or with an altered physiological skin condition.

Precisely for this reason our products contain the least number of ingredients possible, paying the utmost attention and care in selecting the ingredients based on their skin tolerance profile, avoiding the use of substances indicated by the dermatological literature as the most frequent cause of sensitization skin or contact allergies: perfumes, colourants and preservatives.

Vea Environment

"Increasing production with the lowest possible environmental impact", this is the challenge we have set ourselves to improve for the future.

In 2011, Hulka Srl Invested around one million Euros for self-production of clean energy both in logistics and in the Manufacturing plant by installing a modern photovoltaic system.

This has prevented the emission of approximately 100,000 kg of carbon dioxide, achieving more than 80 % of its energy needs from clean energy self- produced with zero environmental impact, in spite of this we have seen an increase of 20 % increase in productivity.

Vea Global Outreach Mission

Hulka srl play a fundamental role in promoting well being through substitutable living, social and cultural and the impact on the world and the humankind.
This is one of the reasons the VEA Brand actively supports Humanitarian missions in third world countries.


The management has adopted the following quality policy:

"HULKA S.r.l. formulates, manufactures and markets cosmetics, food supplements and markets medical devices, pursuing the highest quality in compliance with the provisions of the law and current regulations at national and European level. Hulka carries out its business paying attention to the context in which it operates, both nationally and abroad, and therefore undertakes to constantly check and comply with the legal requirements in force for each new market to which it approaches and to analyze the expectations of the parties in which it works with.

In carrying out these activities, the necessary resources (human and structural) are ensured so as not to limit company growth.

The company's philosophy is to create safe, effective and high quality products with the simplest possible formulations, without perfumes, without colourants and without preservatives.

Being able to satisfy its customers means for HULKA Srl, to offer quality products starting from the choice of raw materials and packaging up to their placing on the market, passing through an adequately managed system of sharing information with suppliers and internal staff, controls, analysis and monitoring.

To this end, Hulka involves and updates its internal staff and partners, focusing attention in particular on the activities related to the processes that influence product quality. To ensure involvement and awareness, Hulka undertakes to examine, review and understand the needs and expectations of the parties and is involved in the development, production and distribution of its products. It also provides its staff with any necessary training and actively collaborates with its partners to ensure the proper management of activities and the development of compliant products.

Hulka also undertakes to systematically and constantly define and review the risks and opportunities deriving from the company's activities and processes, to ensure that its quality management system achieves the expected objectives, reduces the possibility of non-compliant products and is able to guarantee continuous improvement for the company.

It is also a precise commitment of the Management through periodic interaction with consultants and its scientific representatives in the area, to evaluate the experience gained in the use of the products once they have been placed on the market, as well as to provide an appropriate system to use in managing the relative improvements. to the products and their supply.

From the policy, which defines a structural framework of reference for the objectives, the objectives themselves derive, formalized on a separate document.

To ensure that the quality policy and objectives are truly understood at all levels, management intends to communicate them effectively to employees and its external partners.

The policy adopted is appropriate to the corporate aims and strategies and it is reviewed annually, during the Management Review."


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